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Mike York for Lacorda Threads

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Mike York, a name that holds legend status. How does it feel to be an inspiration to skateboarders around the world?

I don't know about being an influence, but if I can get someone hyped to skate, then I'm stoked.

Who are some of the people that inspired you as a young skater growing up

Too many skaters influence me. Too many to name. I've been called a kiss-ass for how much I respect and love skaters. I'm a  Lover, as others are Haters.

What is one of the best memories you can look back on from being on skateboarding trips?

Any skate trip with Jeron Wilson, Daniel Castillio, Sean Sheffey, Chico Brenes. Stu Graham  is a G too.

Recently you started your own board company, Roller Horror. What’s the company all about? Do you make all the graphics for it?

Roller Horror is a brand based on Fun Skateboarding. Doing whatever you want, with style and finesse.  Nonphicccsgiven

You have a young daughter and a young son, correct? Have either of them started skateboarding?

Yes, I do. My son, Jake, skates. He pushes and cruises. My daughter, Olivia, likes to spin the wheels. She's a 3 year old princess!

Did the old Santa Monica Courthouse have better sessions than the new one?

Of course!! From Kareem [Campbell] to [Ronnie] Creager!!

What’s the most fun trick to mess up trying?

Anything not involving pain!

Do you remember the first time you decided to wear a shoelace as a belt? Or where you first saw it?

Mouse video days!  A lot of us were doing it! '95ish.

Which shoelace belt do you currently wear the most?

Roller Horror and the tie dye one!

Any advice for the readers? Don't take wooden nickels!

Get Mike's Favorite Product:

Roller Horror X Lacorda Shoelace belt collaboration. Tie Dye Shoelace Belt

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