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Social Media: @mike_piwowar  

How do you pronounce your last name?

Pee-woah-are. Most people find it easier to say P-Wire, so we can go with that. Haha.

Where are you originally from?

Chicago, IL. Now I'm living in Long Beach, CA.

Who are the most influential skateboarders for you?

I've always loved buttery tech skating, so PJ Ladd was one of my childhood heroes. I also always liked Ronnie Creager too. He got me stoked on tail slide 270 out variations. Right now my favorite skater is Felipe Gustavo.

What is the first trick you learned after ollie?

A stationary, no pop front shuv. I used to learn tricks stationary first, then I'd relearn them moving. I soon realized that wasn't the most efficient way to skate lol.

What are your requirements to determine that you have a trick "on lock"?

Hmm, thats a tough one. I'd say if I can do it first try and/or just about every try. Also, it has to feel good too. If I can land it consistent but it doesn't feel right, I don't usually consider it on lock.

What trick do you wish you could do most?

A super high and solid kickflip that feels as easy as an ollie, so I can flip into more stuff.

How many sessions did you have to go back for that inward heel on the downtown triple set?

I had to go there three times. The first time, I got one try. I went back later that same day and got two more tries. Then, I went back a couple weeks later more prepared and with a better plan and got it 2nd try.

Have you ever gotten any tickets from skating?

I've gotten two. The first one was for skating flat ground in an empty parking garage in Milwaukee on a Friday night. It was about $100. I was so bummed. The second one was for skating Monroe gap in Chicago. The cops rolled up and gave me a $35 ticket. Then, I went back a couple weeks later to get my trick and a few pedestrians stopped to watch me skate. They were all putting dollar bills on the ground and saying if I land my trick, I get the money. A couple tries later, another guy walked up and said he's a fireman, but he used to "do crazy shit like me." Then, he told me to wait and he went across the street to the Chase Bank ATM machine. A minute later he came back and handed me $40 and said "you're a paid professional now." I got my trick and the other pedestrians gave the money they threw down and I ended up with $44 total, which was more than the ticket!

What shoelace belt do you wear the most? 

I'd have to say my favorite one is the Switchmade X Lacorda one! The black and gold is a winning combo.

Do you have any upcoming projects we should keep an eye out for?

I just started filming for a VX part. Right now I have two clips, so it'll be a little while before it's out haha.

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Switchmade X Lacorda Shoelace belt collaboration.

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