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Social Media:  @johnoskvarek

Where are you from?

I'm from Woodstock, IL or Hoodstock if you know about it! Lol


How long have you been living in California?

I moved to California just over 3 years ago, but I've only had an address for 1 1/2 haha


Mike Piwowar is from Chicago, did you skate with him before you moved here?

I knew of Mike Piwowar when we lived in Chicago but we never skated together. We met at a Tampa Am and became friends because we didn't know too many other people at the time so we were familiar haha When we both lived in Cali we started skating a lot more. Know we hemmies haha


What’s the difference between skating in Chicago and skateboarding in LA?

Skating is different anywhere you go because of architecture and things, but the biggest and best is that there is no winter so it isn't wet/snowy for 5 months a year. It doesn't get so cold, the concrete is smoother and the stairs are smaller (good for my ego ;) ). The spots are better and you have way more time to skate them. Win win. 


Shout outs to any homies back home?

Gotta hit everyone at The Daycare Shit Show! Those guys are destroying the Midwest! Also all the Caddywompus homies that went to AZ! Halley Nye and Ashley Nye. And everyone that likes to party! 


So whats up with the crazy captions on your instagram posts? 

Well your asking me about my Instagram and it's not about the videos, so it's safe to say I need to bring a little more to the table if I want any followers. Since I clearly didn't put the effort into the skating, I thought the least I could do was write something clever or witty so my followers and any unsuspecting Instagramer that stumbled across my page wouldn't leave feeling taken advantage of haha.


Which trick are you most stoked on in your welcome to Lacorda part?

My favorite trick is the crook nollie flip down the rail toward the end. It was a mission and was extremely gratifying to actually land in the streets. Also the roof/awning I ollie'd into the bank, it was pretty cool to jump off a building. 


If you could have any trick in your next video part what would it be?

I want to flip into and out of a rail or hubba, that would be pretty tide. Or a Vert Sack on camera.


If you had to choose between only skating switch or only skating nollie for the rest of your life which one would you pick?

Switch duh. Nollie is practically Fakie which is backwards. Who the hell wants to go backwards the rest of their life. Yeah right. I'm moving forward. 


What kind of music are you jamming out to when you skate with headphones in?

Honestly right now I've been jamming to The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack a lot but Pandora doesn't have that, so I'll go Redbone radio. Same songs haha. So like Motown/ oldies/pop songs is what's getting the sessions going these days.


Which Lacorda shoelace belt is your favorite?

I can’t pick one favorite a lot of the time, it depends on my outfit. I need to dress Lacordingly ;) but if I had to choose I'de go with the Purple Tie-Die, Switchmade Collab, or the OG Orange is saucy.


John Oskvarek Heelflip in Venice, CA.

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