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Chelsea Castro skating in downtown Los Angeles.

Sponsors: Lacorda, Chaos Skateboards

Social Media:  Instagram-logo

How long have you been skateboarding?

I've been pushing for 10 years.

Being a female skater, do you usually skate with other girl skaters?

When I first started skating I was always with the guys, but yeah there are a few girls I go out and skate with.

What was your first board?

My first board was one of those mini Tony Hawk completes.

Congrats on the new pro model deck! Do you have any say in the graphics, or is that all left up to the art department?

Thank you! The first graphic they surprised me with and I was stoked on it. This next graphic we're putting out I was able to design, which was really fun!

So I watched the new Justin Bieber "What Do You Mean?" music video and started tripping out when I saw you in there. How did you land that one? 

The guys filming for the video contacted me through insta a few days before the shoot and asked if I could do it, and of course I said yeah.

So does that make you a Belieber?

Im a Belieber.

Do people who don't skate recognize you in public now?

No not at all, haha. It's usually the skater homies who do.

I remember watching your sponsor me tape and thinking "Dang, this girl rips!" How did you find out about Lacorda?

I saw my friend rocking a Lacorda and asked him about it. He had 2 and ended up giving me one. They looked sick and feel so much better then wearing a belt with a buckle.

If you could only wear one shoelace belt what would it be?

Tie-Dye for sure.

Are you working on anything that we should keep an eye out for?

I've got a street part in the works, hopefully we'll have it out sooner than later!  

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Tie Dye Shoelace Belt

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