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Sponsors: Lacorda, Bones wheels, Ace trucks, Vox shoes, Grizzly, Diamond Supply

Instagram: @albrunelle  

Where did you grow up skating?

Colorado, mostly Denver and Boulder.

Who do you usually skate with?

My lady, and I try to skate with as many different people as I can.

What part of skating is most fun for you?

My favorite part is finding a spot, battling a trick including the falls, and constantly trying til I get the trick, once you get a trick that you worked your ass off for and make it the way you want, those are definitely the best feels for me.

What's the best skate trip you've been on?

That's a hard question. Really all trips I've been on have been pretty rad. Always so much hype around different skaters and in the van. 

Street or transition?

Both. Skateboarding is so sick, literally people can skate anything and have a good time.

Frontside or backside?

Frontside all day. 

Pool or bowl?

Pools. More challenging, harder to skate, I like that. You'll never find a pool exactly the same every single one is different.

Favorite shoelace belt?

Middle fingers up in the air (Flip Off Belt) haha and Micky Papa's belt is pretty sick too.

 Anyone you'd like to give a shout out to?

Shout out to my lady Chelsea Castro for always coming out on the sessions with the boys and holding her own with all of us, mad props to that! Also, shout out to Elliot Murphy for always keeping it 100 with me and being a real mutha f#%cking G.

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Flip off shoelace belt Micky Papa Shoelace Belt

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